Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WEF Funds Wireless Proscope Microscopes for Elementary 1:1 Program

As part of it's fall grant cycle The Wellesley Education Foundation has funded a wireless proscope microscope for each elementary school.  The Proscope Mobile is a wireless handheld digital microscope designed for use with the iPad.  Up to 254 devices can all connect to the micrsoscope through a secure static IP wifi network and view what is being looked at under microscope.  Students can then capture images to use in other apps (we call this "app smashing") and demonstrate their understanding.  Teachers will receive training this month and any classroom completing the 5th grade Microscopes unit this spring will begin using them.

Below is an example of an Educreations presentation a student created explaining why a certain ecosystem was or wasn't healthy.  Students used images gathered from a field trip to the ecosystem as well as images they took while examining field samples using the Proscope Mobile.

click image to play

Click here for more information about the Proscope Mobile.
Click here for more information about the Wellesley 5th Grade Science Curriculum.

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