Monday, February 24, 2014

Egypt Museum & Google Sites

This project represents the culmination of the fifth grade studies on ancient Egypt.  Students learned about geography of the area and how the Nile River allowed a civilization to be born.  Students learned about the Old Kingdom (2500-2100 B.C.E.), which was a time when the ancient Egyptians built many of their tombs and pyramids.  Students learned about the Middle Kingdom (2000-1650 B.C.E), which was a time when writing was important and Egypt produced art and literature.  They also learned about the New Kingdom (1550-1100 B.C.E.), which was a time when Hatshepsut, a woman, ruled the land.

Students chose topics that interested them about Egypt and researched questions using books and Internet resources.  They learned how to find sources, take notes, and then wrote a multi-paragraphed essay that ultimately answered their question.  Students used Google Sites to design a website form the text and completed a project at home.

Parents were invited into school to see student projects and to view their websites which were displayed on their iPads.

What is The Great Sphinx of Giza and What was its Purpose?

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