Monday, February 10, 2014

Core Student & Teacher Apps

After much consideration and training on using iPads in classrooms, the Technology Department and the App Evaluation Committee (made up of teachers, technology specialists and curriculum specialists) worked together to select a core set of educational apps that would be used in the Fifth Grade 1:1 Initiative.   Rather than buying into Apple's "There's an App for That" campaign, we choose a small set of apps that emphasize creativity and creation and expect that our students and teachers will become fluent in these apps throughout the course of the program.  Our philosophy is that students can master several great apps while demonstrate their knowledge of different subjects in order to master the workflow of sending images to and retrieving from the camera to use in any app, copying and pasting text from Google Drive, as well as sharing their projects when complete through Google Drive or AirDrop rather than hundreds of apps that each address a very narrow subject matter.

The WPS Core Apps include:

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